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Ring Doorbell | eufy 2K Doorbell With Video Camera | eufy UK Battery Doorbell with HomeBase 2 16GB Local Storage

Ring Doorbell | eufy 2K Doorbell With Video Camera | eufy UK Battery Doorbell with HomeBase 2 16GB Local Storage

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The eufy 2K Battery Powered Video Doorbell, a top competitor to the Ring doorbell, melds security with convenience, offering a comprehensive package without the need for a monthly subscription. Its superior 2K resolution and 4:3 aspect ratio surpass standard Eufy camera capabilities, providing a full view of visitors. The device's intelligent motion sensor grants you full control over detection settings.

Exceptional Image Quality

Equipped with a 2K sensor and professional-grade lens, this doorbell camera offers clarity rivalling the best Eufy cameras, ensuring detailed images of visitors.

No Subscription Required

Unlike some Ring doorbell models, the eufy Video Doorbell is a one-time purchase with no recurring fees. It maintains full functionality, storing data locally on the Eufy Homebase 2, thus avoiding cloud storage costs.

Enhanced Battery Life

This doorbell boasts a remarkable 180-day battery life on a single charge, a notable advantage over many Ring doorbell models, and is easily rechargeable for continuous security.

Superior Detection Technology

Offering advanced control, the motion sensor features smart human detection and customisable activity zones, a step above standard eufy camera models. This allows for precise alerts, keeping you informed of activities at your door.

Superior Visuals and Efficient Connectivity

With its 2K resolution and WDR, the doorbell camera provides clear images, superior to standard Eufy UK models. The efficient wireless connection to the Eufy Homebase 2 significantly reduces power consumption.

AI-Enhanced Security

Its AI technology, more advanced than a typical Eufy camera, ensures accurate human detection, minimising false alerts. Customisable detection zones reduce unnecessary notifications, a feature often sought after in the Eufy UK market.

Smart Home Integration

Fully compatible with Google Voice Assistant and Alexa, this doorbell integrates seamlessly into your smart home setup, similar to high-end Eufy and Ring doorbell models. Features include two-way audio, quick response settings for motion alerts, and an IP65 weatherproof rating, making it suitable for the varying UK weather conditions.

Easy Installation

Ideal for homes with or without existing doorbell wiring, this eufy doorbell is easy to install. It's compatible with various chime options, including the Eufy doorbell chime, offering flexibility similar to Ring doorbell setups.

Package Contents and Specifications

The doorbell comes with a comprehensive set of accessories, including the Eufy Homebase 2, mounting bracket, wedge, charging cable, and more. It features a 4:3 aspect ratio and multiple power options, ensuring a complete and efficient setup for any home.

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