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Keter Cortina Bella 4ft 6" x 2ft 4" (1.4 x 0.7m) 1,000 Litre Vertical Outdoor Storage Shed with Base

Keter Cortina Bella 4ft 6" x 2ft 4" (1.4 x 0.7m) 1,000 Litre Vertical Outdoor Storage Shed with Base

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Discover the Cortina Bella: Your Stylish, Durable Garden Storage Solution with Floor

Introducing the Cortina Bella, a sophisticated and resilient storage answer tailored for your garden, patio, or balcony. With a generous capacity of 1000 litres, this versatile plastic shed offers ample room to store furniture, cushions, gardening equipment, a lawnmower, and more. The robust roof design is not only perfect for arranging planters or tools but also ensures lasting protection.

Effortlessly maneouver heavier items in and out of the shed using the sloped threshold. Crafted from advanced Evotech material, the Cortina Bella boasts the inviting texture of genuine wood coupled with the advantages of resin.

Key Features:

  • Generous 1000 litre storage capacity
  • Constructed with premium Evotech material, combining the aesthetics of real wood with resin's benefits
  • Equipped with a robust 105° carpenter's nickel hinge for easy opening and a lockable design, enhancing security
  • Weatherproof and resilient, requiring no maintenance – free from rust, dents, and peeling
  • Floor included for added convenience
  • A level foundation such as concrete, slabs, or timber frame is essential (please note)
  • Please verify contents, footprint, and dimensions prior to installation. If third-party installation assistance is sought, ensure receipt of all components in good condition before scheduling and paying for installation. Accessories not included.

Experience the Cortina Bella's grace and reliability as your go-to storage haven for gardening essentials and more. Elevate your outdoor space with sophistication and functionality today!

Brand Keter
Collection Cortina
Colour Grey
External H 120 x W 140 x D 73.6 cm
External Dimensions H 120 x W 140x D 73.6 cm
Footprint W 124.5 x D 66 cm
Installation Included No
Interior Capacity 220 Gallons (1,000 Litres)
Internal H 115 x W 124.5 x D 66 cm
Internal Capacity 220 Gallons (1,000 Litres)
Internal Dimensions H 115 x W 124.5 x D 66 cm
Material Plastic
Type Plastic Storage
Weight 27.5kg
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